The Mark Hrachovec Yarn Winder 2.0

As you may recall if you’re a regular reader, last year my dad custom made for me a life-changing yarn winding contraption for my kits. Over the holidays I casually mentioned to him that it would be nice to have a backup, and three months later yarn winder 2.0 arrived on my doorstep!


Like the original, this one works like a charm, but it’s more compact and has little rubber thingies on the bottom so it won’t damage a table. Isn’t my dad the greatest?


So now I have TWO awesome yarn-winding contraptions. I could use two hands and double my kit output! But really, it’s nice to have a backup for this tool that’s proved so essential to my work, and it gets me a step closer to possibly someday having someone else help me wind the yarn. (Could this finally be the year for an assistant??)

And where does all that wound yarn go? In my wound-yarn drawers, of course!


This way, the yarn is all there and ready to go for made-to-order kits.

Three cheers for my dad, a legend in Mochimochi Land!

8 thoughts on “The Mark Hrachovec Yarn Winder 2.0

  1. That’s so intensely beautiful that I suddenly find myself in need of several kits.

    And I would love to use that machine so much, I would volunteer my evenings to the cause.

  2. This is fantastic! I love that your dad made this for you! It’s so amazing to have people who are willing to come to your aid when you have a problem that needs solving! My husband is currently building me an iPhone app to help with an issue I have with stitching.

  3. I am so jealous!!! I make my own embroidery kits with crewel wool and I would LOVE a machine like this! If he ever decides to sell them, I bet he’d make a killing! :D

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