Three Bags Full

Would you believe that everything I’ve been working on over the past four months fits into three zip-lock bags?


That’s a slight exaggeration, but not far from the truth.

It’s photo shoot time for my next book, so all the hours of knitting and designing and re-knitting and re-designing are getting packed up for a trip to Oklahoma, where the fun part starts and Brandi Simons and I get to play with toys! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for some peeks behind the scenes over the next couple of weeks.

This photography trip also means that we’ll have a shipping delay on physical goods—all orders placed between now and May 13th will be shipped on May 14th. (Orders on PDF patterns will be unaffected.)

9 thoughts on “Three Bags Full

  1. Wow! That sure looks like fun! I will be keeping an eye out on Twitter, that’s for sure. Can’t WAIT to see what the new book will be, but I think I love it already! :)

  2. Yes! I hope that means you’ll have new tiny mochi patterns in your new book! Very excited!

  3. Love it. can’t wait to see them. How many Mochimcohi’s can fit in a gallon bag?

  4. I’m excited that they all fit. More little cuteness! In my dreams I have made all of your minis. Gotta make some (a lot) more to make that dream a reality!

  5. I’m really excited that you’re going back to tiny Mochi’s! And do I see PIE?

  6. So Excited! , a Mochi road trip, hope they’re ready for their close-up. Can’t wait for book : )

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