Quarters the Arcade is Here!

I am psyched to announce the newest pattern in the Mochimochi Shop.


Meet Quarters, formerly knows as the untitled arcade mochi project!

This design has been in the works for… nearly 10 months! If you’ve been a regularly visitor here during that time, you’ve seen that it started with a sketch, then went through a rough draft while I figured out the shape, and then finally I asked all of you for name suggestions while I worked on the pattern writing and chart making. (Thank you, Crysta, for the perfect name!)

A couple months of tech editing (thank you Marilyn), testing (thank you Linda, Rikke, and Amanda), and more editing, and we have a finished pattern! Just for fun, here’s the whole thing.


As you can see, the pattern contains photos, charts, and an assembly schematic. It’s definitely not a one-evening project, but I think it’s a very satisfying knit for anyone who’s into gaming (or loves someone who is) and is up for a challenge. Most of the pattern is knitted flat and seamed together, with intarsia along the way. The piping consists of two I-cords that are stitched on at the end.

The pattern is now available as a PDF download for $8 in the Mochimochi Shop. And get $2 off with the code LEVELUP through May 26th!


2 thoughts on “Quarters the Arcade is Here!

  1. Well the entire process sure was worth it! I love your final design and I’m really pleased with your retro color choice!

  2. Does it spit out real quarters or just give you one of those anti-climactic receipts?

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