Super-Scary Mochimochi in Korean

Here’s some cool news: Super-Scary Mochimochi, my book of patterns for cute and creepy mochis, has just come out in Korean!


The guy on the cover toting a net of naughty mochis is my friend Mike (who’s also my photographer’s husband). So now Mike can say he’s big in Korea!

This entirely translated version was published by Hans Media. I love how it has such a different look from the original book.

Even though I know the whole thing is in Korean (and I can’t read a bit of Korean), I just can’t stop flipping through the pages and seeing how different they look in translation.


And here’s a nice little touch that isn’t in the English version: cute little icons!


I don’t know what these guys are supposed to be, but I’m all for them.

I actually have more copies of this book than I need, so I would love to give two of them away to people who can use them. If you live in the US and are a native speaker of Korean, or know someone who is, or if you’re studying Korean in the US, please leave a comment! I’ll randomly pick two people to give the book away to next Tuesday (May 27th).

15 thoughts on “Super-Scary Mochimochi in Korean

  1. My Korean friend would love a book like this and I’m sure her kids would love to have a few super scary mochis.

  2. My brother’s girlfriend is learning Korean. Her goal is to move to South Korea to teach English. It would be wonderful to surprise her with a knitting book in Korean to show how proud we are of her!

  3. I did independent study of Korean while at university, and also attended the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterey, CA, to study Korean. I was stationed in Korea off and on for 7 years as well. I would love a copy of your book so I can learn Korean knitting terminology :)

  4. I would love if my mom and I could do something together, she is a native speaker, and I would love if we could knit together.

  5. I have NO Korean connections. I just love seeing the comments from your dad!

  6. I have many friends in my school’s Asian American Society who would love a copy of the book.

  7. Ooo Ooo!
    I’m a Canadian teaching English in a Korean middle school in Suwon!
    Showing off your cute patterns were instrumental in convincing three of my school’s office workers to take up knitting!
    They would love to have a book of yours in their native language. Kamsahamnida!

  8. @Salleigh
    I can send you a list of various terms for Korean knitting. Do you read hangul?

  9. My daughter is currently studying Korean in preparation for teaching English as a second language and studying cultural anthropology in Korea.

    Wil4ds on Ravelry

  10. I haven’t forgotten about posting up the knitting terms! Sorry I just been having a crazy week combined with laptop issues which means I haven’t been able to type in hangul >,<;

  11. Okay really sorry for the delay – here are some common terms for you guys:

    To Knit: 뜨개질 하다
    Knitting Needle / Sewing Needle: 바늘
    Yarn / Thread: 실
    Stitch: 코
    Round: 바퀴
    Stitch Marker: 마커

    Let me know if I’ve missed something you need!

    Pattern: 도안

    Toy: 장난감
    Hobby: 취미
    Handmade Toy: 순우로 만든장남감

    Tight: 촘촘하게
    Loose: 느슨하게
    Do it loosely: 느슨하게하세요
    Do it tightly: 촘촘하게하세요

    To Increase: 늘리다
    To Decrease: 줄이다
    To Hide: 숨기다
    To Cut: 자르다

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