The Saddest Toilet

Exciting things are being knitted this week, but not things I can share quite yet. So instead I give you the the saddest toilet I’ve ever seen.


Such an indignity, to be thrown out next to the box that your replacement came in! Flushie is appalled.

Since moving to Chicago I’ve noticed that some fascinating scenes happen in the alleys. You never know what lurks behind the tidy houses in my picturesque neighborhood…

5 thoughts on “The Saddest Toilet

  1. I agree. Where do you go when you’re not feeling well? The toilet is your friend in the worst of times. This should be repurposed as a planter back by the garage. I hope there is something really wrong with it and not being replaced because it is the wrong color or just not Bold or Powerful enough.

  2. Remember when we took a trip to (was it?) Brooklyn General Store and we saw that row of toilets lined up outside of a building? There are so many good outside toilet pictures!!

  3. And not even tossed upright…but laying decrepitly on its side. Oh the indignity of it all.

  4. Poor john. It’s a luckless loo that ends up being a dead head. In its time I’m sure it toiled on, flush with doing its doodie well.

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