Creepy Peepers

I think it’s been established that I prefer basic black when it comes to eyes. I like how big black eyes are cute, but also can be mysterious and even creepy—you can almost read whatever you like into them. But when I was designing the Thwickeds, which were partly inspired by Jenny Harada’s plushes (who all have kooky eyes), I briefly considered a couple of different options…


Spooky black won the day, but there are so many cool eyes out there (I went to 6060 on Etsy to get mine), I’m going to have to start incorporating them into my art projects, if not my pattern designs.

Do you give your toys funky eyes of one kind or another? I’d love to see examples!

2 thoughts on “Creepy Peepers

  1. I love that etsy shop! I get all my safety eyes there. I kinda liked the pink albino eyes in the design as well.

  2. that’s my fave spot for safety eyes too! love the fuzzy monsters–they make me actually want to knit with that hairy yarn (which I may have vowed to avoid for all eternity)

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