Typoqween’s Halloween Goodie Bags

Look what’s popped up in the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group! Cute little Halloween-themed gift bags by Typoqween.


The patterns for candy corn, heart, and Baby Gator are available for free right here on the Mochimochi Blog. The pattern for the Bitty Witch is in Super-Scary Mochimochi, which is half off this month! The tiny pumpkin and bat patterns can be found in the Tiny Fall Collection download. The adorable vampire seems to be a modified pattern (perhaps my free Knit Kid pattern?), and I can’t account for those cute bags, but if somebody knows where to find the pattern, please let us know in the comments.

Someone’s clearly going to have a happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “Typoqween’s Halloween Goodie Bags

  1. Yes, the tiny vampire is your free knit kid pattern.

    I did one but I wasn’t the first person to modify the pattern.

    This one is not mine.

  2. From what I can tell by the photo, I think the bags are about 20 stitches done in a tube then the bottom stitched across, and the cord is either knitting spool or i-cord. Looks like 3 rows black, 3 rows color, repeat. The needles are probably US size 2 or 3 as the stitches look slightly bigger than the corn and other items.
    But that’s just my guess on the bag pattern.
    It’s all so clever! Thanks for sharing!

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