Photo Contest ’14: Honorable Mentions

Over the weekend John and I spent a good while looking at all the delightful photos and videos you submitted to the 8th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest. It’s hard work, but we’re the lucky someones who must do it!

We’re going to do things slightly different than in previous years because of our new video category: today we’re revealing the Honorable Mentions in the photo portion of our contest, and later this week we’ll go straight into voting on the finalists. (No semifinalist round this year). We’ll announce the winning photos and winning video (which John and I will select ourselves) at the same time, then after the winners are announced, we’ll feature the rest of the video entries for everyone to see.

So without further ado, it’s our honor to present the Honorable Mentions! These photos didn’t quite make it into our finalist group, but we were tickled by them nonetheless and we’re exited to feature them here. See the full images close up after the jump!


The Quest For The Arm by Phia

The caption that accompanied this one did it for us: Elsa has stolen Olaf’s arm! Of course, it’s just a silly game of tag. Anna just wants her warm hug.

Narwhalosaurus by Chert Janes

We love the simple visual pun. That’s one chilly-looking narwhalosaurus!

Santa Express by Jenni Byers

There’s something about this simple scene that makes it look like a wild ride!

Despicable Me 2 by Jocelyn Koh

The way that each of these dudes has a distinct personality is delightful! (Tiny Chicken is just excited to be in a movie I think.)

Day in San Francisco by Theresa Tan

Anybody else want to hop on a plane to San Francisco right now? Such a terrific scene with lots going on!

Cupcake Calendar by kappette3

It never would have occurred to me to embroider a motif onto a tiny cupcake, but I’m glad that this knitter did it 12 times over!

Hedgecone by Tess Priselac

Again we were won over but an adorable caption.

Tiny Nativity by Heather

I just featured this customized creche on Friday, but it’s certainly worth another look. So cool!

Stolen meal by meshaliu

There’s something about the tiny ballerina’s position that is super dramatic!

Noah’s Ark by Sarcasmgirl

This epic project is so impressive. See more in the series on the knitter’s Flickr page.

Snow Lantern by Salla Ahola

The festive digital effect really makes this scene!

Lunchtime by MegalonTheSvelte

Eyebrows can add a lot of character! We also like the seamless blending of miniature props and real-life kitchen equipment.

Congratulations to these talented knitters! Please check back later this week for our big final vote!

10 thoughts on “Photo Contest ’14: Honorable Mentions

  1. Thank you so much for an Honorary Mention for my Sleigh Ride. Such fun entries by everyone! Happy Christmas :-)

  2. Thank you so much for an Honorary Mention for my Santa Express. Such fun entries by everyone! Happy Christmas :-)

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