Heather’s Tiny Nativity

The Christmas crafts continue today with this sweet tiny nativity made by Heather (Muppetfeet on Ravelry).


On the project page, Heather says that the characters were all based on the Tiny Nun pattern (from the Tiny People collection). That just goes to show how much of a difference an embroidered beard can make!


I also really like the effect of the I-cord hands holding beads as magi gifts. And the adorable tiny donkey (which appears to be the knitter’s design).


From Heather’s page:

Inspired by the lovely folks at First Church Somerville, including my model for the Wise Drag Queen, Miss Serenity Jones.

I knew this was a special project when I spotted it on Ravelry! Also inspiring: the rainbow baby Jesus.

Thank you to Heather for sharing with us!

And to those of you anxiously awaiting photo + video contest results, please check back Monday, when we’ll reveal the Honorable Mentions!

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