Miriam Felton’s Tiny Mochi Advent Calendar

Earlier this year I started noticing a whole lot of tiny mochis popping up in knitwear designer Miriam Felton’s Instagram feed…


It turns out that she was knitting them for a tiny mochi advent calendar for her sister’s family!


How perfect are those little numbered drawers, right? The only hard part might be picking what goes in each drawer. But Miriam had a plan, as she described in her Instagram caption:

My favorite parts: It starts with the Christmas Tree since they put their tree up on Dec. 1 (sister’s birthday), the cat follows the mouse, then Santa follows the reindeer and Santa is on the 24th.


I bet someone is having a fun December so far with this! Of course, the mochis have loops attached to them for hanging on the tree.


Thank you to Miriam for sharing this project and for taking such great photos! If you’re not familiar with Miriam’s beautiful design work, be sure to check her blog and patterns at her website. Also, I just saw that Miriam will be at Knit 1 in Chicago for a meet-and-greet on December 8th!

5 thoughts on “Miriam Felton’s Tiny Mochi Advent Calendar

  1. This reminds me of a fun little project I did last year. I made a cardboard advent calendar and made small, fun things for each member of my family. People’s reactions were absolutely wonderful, especially for a tiny walnut shell “knitting basket” with three tiny balls of yarn and 2 sewing needles to be tiny knitting needles. Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of year.

  2. I have been thinking of doing one of these for a few years now. I like that she had a logic for the choices in each date.

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