Thank You for the Entries!

Every year for the past eight years I announce our photo contest with much excitement, then immediately start worrying that people are over it (“it” being the completely impractical activity of knitting toys and posing them for photographs) and no one will enter. And every year, as we get to the final days in the entry period, you all come through with the most amazing entries and I am so excited and grateful and moved.


This year we added a video category, and I’m happy to say that we received 17 entries! I think that’s pretty great for the first year. I can’t even count how many photo entries we had—it was hundreds. (Click on the image above to see them all now if you like!) Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who took time out of their busy lives to participate!

If you missed the December 1st deadline, don’t despair. We’ll be holding this contest again next year, so all photos uploaded to the Mochimochi Friends group will be eligible for (and automatically entered in) the 2015 contest.

We’ll be announcing honorable mentions and semifinalists here on the blog soon, so please check back—we’ll be asking for your help to determine the finalist photos and then the winners, and we want everyone to participate in that!

4 thoughts on “Thank You for the Entries!

  1. Thanks for having such a fun contest! I love being a part of it, and seeing all the pictures people come up with. :)

  2. I have a question. My brother and I made a video that was featured on Does that mean it was automatically entered in the video category of the contest???

  3. That’s a good question, Audrey. Let’s say yes! I’ll make sure that we take another look at your video as we’re judging them.

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