Free Pattern: Tiny Rose

This is an intermediate-level knitting pattern for everyone to enjoy. Please check out the Mochimochi Shop for more patterns that you’ll love!

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what would really make your sweetheart swoon? That’s right, a tiny anthropomorphic plant made of yarn. This itty-bitty rose knits up in an hour or less, so you can dole out the love all over the office or make a mini bouquet for your one and only.

Techniques included I-cord and knitting in the round on double-pointed needles. Fingering-weight yarn is recommended, but just about any yarn with corresponding needle size will work great.

You’ll need:
– Fingering-weight yarn in 2 colors, plus small amount of black for eyes
– Set of size 1 US (2.25 mm) double-pointed needles
– Small tapestry needle

– The finished project is very small and is not a suitable toy for small children.
– You can scale this pattern up with thicker yarn and bigger needles.

A list of pattern abbreviations can be found here.

——– Pattern starts here! ——–

Stem/outside petals
With green, cast on 3 stitches onto one DPN.
Knit 10 rows of I-cord.
Switch to red.
Rnd 11 (worked as I-cord): Knit.
Rnd 12: (worked as I-cord): [Kfb] 3 times (6 sts).
Divide the stitches onto 3 DPNs to continue working in a round.
Rnd 13: [Kfb] 6 times (12 sts).
Rnd 14: [Kfb, k1] 6 times (18 sts).
Rnds 15-19: Knit (5 rnds).
Bind off the stitches purlwise.

Inside petals
With red, cast on 12 stitches onto one DPN to work flat.
Row 1: Purl.
Row 2: K1, kfb, k to end (13 sts).
Row 3: Purl.
Row 4: K1, kfb, k to end (14 sts).
Row 5: Purl.
Row 6: K1, kfb, k to end (15 sts).
Bind of the stitches knitwise on the purl side.

With green, cast on 2 stitches onto one DPN to work flat.
Row 1: [Kfb] twice (4 sts).
Row 2: Purl.
Row 3: Knit.
Row 4: Purl.
Row 5: Knit.
Row 6: [P2tog] twice (2 sts).
Row 7: [Kfb] twice (4 sts).
Row 8: Purl.
Row 9: Knit.
Row 10: Purl.
Row 11: Knit.
Row 12: [P2tog] twice (2 sts).
Break the yarn and draw it tightly through the stitches with a tapestry needle.

Roll the inside petals piece into a loose spiral, with the knit stitches facing out. Insert the piece into the outside petals, and stitch in place at the base of the cup shape.

Attach the narrow section of the leaves to the back of the stem.

Weave in the loose ends.

With black yarn, embroider eyes onto one side of the rose with 2 small horizontal stitches for each, placing them 3 stitches down from the bound-off edge and spacing them 3 stitches apart.

Pin your rose on to wear proudly, use it as a gift topper,
or make a tiny bouquet for your special one!


© 2015 Anna Hrachovec / Mochimochi Land

Please do not copy or distribute any part of this pattern without permission.
Please do not sell items made from this pattern without permission.

22 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Tiny Rose

  1. Absolutely brilliant thank you so much! This will get me through the dreary English weather! I totally love knitting your mini Mochimochi and my grandson adores them. We need another book please Anna!

  2. This is the cutest Valentine’s gift (to do myself!) that I have gotten in a looooong time!! Thank you sooooo much!! Makes me and my loved one happy!!
    And yes, I agree with Carole: we need another book with more tiny mochimochis!!

  3. OMG! I love it! Sooooooo cute. If I weren’t at work I’d have needle in hand already! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!

  4. I just made a white rose with this pattern. It is so adorable! Mochimochi are my favourite :D

  5. For my Little Prince project, can you tell me the approximate finished size of the rose? I am trying to find a mini glass dome for it.

  6. my husband saw this and said it looked like Groot from Guardians of the galaxy (I think he’d prefer that to roses) either way it’s adorable like all the tiny things.

  7. The rose is absolutely adorable! I already made four.
    Merrin, thanks for saying that the rose looks like Groot. It inspired me to make myself a mini Groot from the rose pattern and I have to say he looks pretty cute.

  8. Thanks for the free pattern! I will probably make one for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. But I always imagined that if I was on The Bachelor, (ha!) I would present him with a tiny knit rose to stand out from the rest of the pack. But I’d also have to lose about ten pounds, five years and all self-respect first. :)

  9. My sister thinks that it was in brown it might look like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. ;-)

  10. Just knit this little guy in flax colored sock yarn. Yup, it is a very good Groot. Now as soon as the glue holding him to the pot is dry, he will be in the mail!

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