Adventures in Mochimochi Land Preview: The Hungry Donut

We’ve got just about two months before my new book, Adventures in Mochimochi Land, is released!

As I mentioned in my last post about it, the book contains three utterly weird and fantastical stories set in Mochimochi Land. (Plus patterns!) Today I’d like to give you a taste of the first story, which is pretty appropriate because it’s all about foooood…

I’ll start with a photo that’s not in the book.


Often, while I’m setting up a scene, my photographer, the wonderful and talented Brandi Simons, is already shooting away so that she can adjust the lighting and camera settings. So we end up with lots of shots of me fiddling with tiny knitted stuff, which make for a fun record of the shoot. So you can see that we set up a miniature world for this story, but the scenery has to get pretty expansive in the background to fill out the shot. I learned that we could have used a lot more/bigger pieces of flat knitted fabric.

OK, on with the story!

And as you can see from the above photo, this story is set in the delectable Delicious District of Mochimochi Land, where half of the citizens are bakers and the other half are oven repairmen.

Our protagonist, Biscuit the baker, is a tiny entrepreneur with her own donut shop.


But donut shops are a dime a baker’s dozen in the Delicious District, and Biscuit wanted to stand out for once. One day, she had a bright idea!


She would invent a new culinary concoction that would make her famous and change baked goods forever in Mochimochi Land.

So when the sun went down, she sneaked off to a hidden cave located deep in the Muffin Mountains to retrieve a very secret ingredient.


(The ingredient is so secret that I’m not permitted to reveal here—you’ll have to see the book to find out what it is.)

Back in her bakery, Biscuit spliced the ingredients together in a petri dish, then put the concoction in the microwave.


Side note: here’s my dad making that teeny petri dish by cutting the end off of a small plastic vial.


Before Biscuit could brew a pot of coffee, the microwave sparked and flashed and exploded!


Leaving behind a very large, very bouncy donut.


Success! Biscuit was delighted with her creation, and she was ready to conquer the Delicious District with her big bouncy baked good. Little did she know that the donut was going to try to conquer Mochimochi Land in his own very disastrous way…

For the rest of this story, you’ll have to read the book!

Adventures in Mochimochi Land is coming out June 9th! It’s now available for preorder from Amazon, from Barnes & Noble, and from Powells, among other places. Signed copies are also available for preorder from me in the Mochimochi Shop. Or if you have a local bookstore or yarn store that you support, please ask them if they’ll carry it!

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Mochimochi Land Preview: The Hungry Donut

  1. I love the start of the story from Mochimochiland, and the Muffin Mountains are beyond adorable! I can’t wait for the book!

  2. This is so awesome Anna!! It defied (mochi-de-fied?) all my expectations!! I cannot wait to read the rest! And thank you for answering the petri dish question as I was totally going to ask that. (Is your Dad MacGyver?)

  3. This preview is making me hungry for more! Mochis transform into a storybook perfectly!

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! It’s getting closer every day! I love that this is a “close knit” family work in progress-hehehe!!!

  5. In case anyone is interested in miniature petri dishes, that’s the bottom of a Tix solder tube.

  6. I can’t wait for the book!!!!
    Good job DAD on the Petri dish!! Love that you jump in and help! My dad’s the same way! No matter how silly or odd, my dad is always up for the challenge. :)

  7. I am so excited! This looks so adorable! Bought a new set of 0-3 dpn’s, so I’m ready to put them to use!

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