New Colorful Tiny Woodland Buttons

I’ve updated the 1″ tiny woodland pin-back buttons in fun colors! The new look strikes me as very Wes Anderson for some reason, which was a happy surprise when the shipment arrived in the mail.


They’re $5 for a 4-pack in the shop.

And speaking of buttons, I’ve been randomly including a rare naked gnome button free with some of the physical orders I’m shipping out. (Other physical orders are receiving the traditional clothed gnome button.)


I’ve got about 80 left, and I’ll keep sending them out while supplies last!

One thought on “New Colorful Tiny Woodland Buttons

  1. Aww they are all so cute!
    And naked gnome looks like he is saying ‘Dude, did you just take my picture?’
    Really it should be ‘Is there film in that camera?’ but who uses film anymore?

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