Announcing an Adventurous Back Page Photo Contest!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Tara!

UPDATE: If you don’t have access to a copy of the book right now, you can download the back page image to print out, and use one or more of the free bonus patterns that I’ve posted: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tiny Nosey Fish, Sand Pennies, and Carnie Zebra.

If you’ve flipped through a copy of Adventures in Mochimochi Land, you may have wondered, What’s up with that back page?


It’s a mochimochi backdrop you can use to photograph your own mochi adventures. And we’re holding a summertime photo contest to see what you come up with!



The contest is open to knitters worldwide. To be eligible, your photo must include at least one knitted toy made from a pattern in Adventures in Mochimochi Land, and also must include the back page from the book. The page can be altered, but not beyond recognition. (You can cut it or fold it, but we suggest using a photocopy if you’re doing something like that!)

Note that we’re looking for humor, cuteness, and originality—not necessarily the most professional-looking photos. We want everyone to enter!

How to enter

To enter, add your photo(s) to the Mochimochi Friends group on Flickr. (If you don’t have a Flickr account, they’re free and easy to set up—we just suggest not waiting until the last minute to get an account.)

We ask that you limit your entries to no more than three (and those three can be a series if you like).


The deadline is August 31st, 2015.


After the deadline, John and I will review all of the submissions and choose our favorite. The winner will get these five cool books from Potter Craft and Potter Style!


Knitting Without Needles by Ann Weil, Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time by Tanya Whelan, The World Needs More Love Letters by Hannah Brencher, Adventure Time Crafts by Chelsea Bloxsom, and Novel Interiors by Lisa Borgnes

Let the back page adventures begin!

5 thoughts on “Announcing an Adventurous Back Page Photo Contest!

  1. i love how creative your readers are. This should be a good contest.

    I thought the back page was a really awesome idea.

  2. Hi Anna!

    I’m so excited about the newest photo contest – I only hope I can enter:

    I bought my copy of Adventures in Mochimochi-land book on my Kindle Paperwhite, so my back 2 pages are in black and white ….

    Can I still enter even though, I don’t have a physical book to use to take my pictures in front of?

    Thanks for considering!

  3. Great question, SelfiConfid!

    I’ll send you a high-resolution image of the page, so you can print it out and use that.

  4. I entered the contest using my flicker account (KnitWit685). Did I enter correctly? How is the winner notified? Thank you for coming up with a fun contest!

  5. Yes, you did it correctly, Jean—thank you for entering!

    We’ll announce the winner here on the blog, and we’ll also contact them via Flickr.

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