Win Funky Tote Bags and More from Bonney’s Yarn Stash

We really never know what’s going to emerge from my mother-in-law Bonney’s epic yarn stash. In recent years she’s dug up some fun and unusual treasures as prizes for our annual Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest, and this year is no exception!

Bonney was on the ball a couple of months back when sent me three tote bags covered with very trippy illustrations, including a girl holding a sheep (that’s how they made it into her stash).


We were mystified about why these bags existed and where they came from, but today when I was getting them out again I noticed the words TEAM MACHO at the top.


I remember Team Macho—they’re an art collective in Toronto! I’m quite fan but haven’t kept up with them recent years, although I did blog about them here waaay back in 2007. So these bags are even cooler than I’d thought, and they’re going to the top three winners in our photo category.

PLUS we’ve got vintage pattern collections to give away, and also lego pencil boxes for some reason? Bonney says they would make great needle cases, and I can’t argue with that. Thank you for the prizes, Bonney!


So add these to the Franklin Habit illustrations, the Australian Homespun subscriptions, the Knit Picks gift certificates (and more), AND Mochimochi Land gift certificates, and that’s pretty sweet incentive to enter your photos and videos in our contest! (Plus we always add in more goodies as surprise prizes at the end.)

The deadline for entries is December 1st—see the full contest details here!