Win Knit Picks Gift Certificates or a Giant Toy Kit

It’s time to talk about our super special returning sponsor for our annual Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest: Knit Picks! Knit Picks is everyone’s favorite online yarn retailer, and they’ve been enthusiastically sponsoring our photo contest for years.

They offer so many different products on their website, including all manner of delicious yarns, that’s it’s hard to know where to begin with them. Myself, I regularly use their yarn swift and ball winder—in combination with the bobbin winder that my dad constructed, these help me make alllll the tiny mochi kits you see in my shop. I also have a big stash of their fingering-weight Palette yarn that I use for many Mochimochi Land projects, including all the colorful little concentric gnomes that were part of The Gnome Genome Project show earlier this year in Seoul.


The colors that Palette comes in leave nothing out, and I personally love the wooly feel of this yarn. Soupy is also a fan.


In the non-wooly category is their acrylic Brava yarn, which is super soft and comes in three different weights. I used a lot of the bulky variety for the projects in my 2013 book Huge & Huggable Mochimochi, including this squeezable Capybara Caravan.


Speaking of which, Knit Picks has a new prize for the winner of the video category this year: a Giant Toy Kit that includes a copy of Huge & Huggable Mochimochi along with skeins of Brava to make those capybaras, Lupe the Piñata, and more!


For the top three winners in our photo category, Knit Picks is offering gift certificates: $50 to the top winner and $10 each to the second and third place winners. And if you live outside of the US or Canada, don’t worry—we’ll make sure you can use those gift certificates, so this is also a rare opportunity to get Knit Picks goodies in other parts of the world.

So a big thank you goes to Knit Picks once again this year for being such a great contest sponsor. By the way, they’re having a big sale right at this moment, so now’s a great time to stop over at their website as you brainstorm your photo and video entries.

The deadline for our contest is December 1st—see full contest details here!

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  1. KnitPicks is the best!! I think my entry is just about ready…can’t wait for the contest!

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