It Was the Narwhal!

I think I forgot to mention this already, but the mystery kit from May was the Tiny Narwhal!

It was fun shipping the kits out to people all over, knowing (or at least feeling pretty sure) that they would be well received. (And from the happy feedback I got, it seems I was right!)

Now the tiny narwhals are enjoying their official debut in the summer.

You can now get the pattern as a kit or as part of the new Tiny Frozen collection—and $1 of each sale of those this July is going to support Arctic conservation.

3 thoughts on “It Was the Narwhal!

  1. I **love** your animations! (I admit, sometimes I watch them on a loop for a bit! They’re just too cute to watch once!)
    Do you have any recommendations for where to find a stop-motion tutorial? I’m wanting to practice with my mochis before this year’s annual Photo/Video contest — so I can enter a video! :)


  2. I wish you could have been at the stop motion workshop I led earlier this month in Ann Arbor, Michelle!

    Really I think the best way to learn to make stop-motion animations is through trial and error. I highly recommend the app Stop Motion Studio, which is free and easy to use. (And there are a few tutorials for it on YouTube that are easy to find.)

    If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me at info [at] mochimochiland [dot] com.

    Good luck! I do hope you enter an animation in the contest this year!

  3. Very cute animation, I didn’t guess narwhal : ) love mochis whatever they turn out to be <3

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