Tiny Frozen Update

An update on our project raising funds for Arctic conservation!

We’ve done our research and decided to donate funds raised this month from sales of the Tiny Frozen patterns to Oceana, a nonprofit that’s doing a lot to support the Arctic.

Learn about their work here. (And please consider supporting them regularly!)

Through the end of July, $1 of each sale of the Tiny Frozen patterns and the related knitting kits will go to Oceana. Thanks to everyone who’s already gotten them!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Frozen Update

  1. Hi I bought your frozen set pattern and I would like it added to ravelry- I would have bought it there but it wasn’t there to buy. Could you tell me how?

  2. Sure thing Kathy! I have your email address so I’ll use that to send the patterns to you via Ravelry when I’ve added them there (which should be soon).

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