Free Pattern: Good Luck Clover

Make your own luck with this squeezable little four-leaf clover! It’s about the size of a quarter when made with fingering-weight yarn. If you enjoy this pattern, please visit the Mochimochi Shop for more.

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You’ll need:
—Fingering-weight yarn in green (10 yards would be plenty for one) and black for embroidery (if you want your clover to have eyes)
—Set of size 1 US (2.25mm) double-pointed needles
—Tapestry needle
—Small amount of stuffing or yarn scraps

—The finished project is very small and are not suitable for kids under 3. (You can scale them up with thicker yarn and bigger needles.)
—A list of pattern abbreviations can be found here.

Four-leaf Clover

Pair of leaves (make 2)

Cast on 4 stitches onto one DPN.
Rnd 1 (work as I-cord): [Kfb] 4 times (8 sts).
Distribute the stitches onto 3 DPNs to continue working in a round.
Rnd 2: Kfb, k2, [kfb] twice, k2, kfb (12 sts).
Rnd 3: Knit.
Rnd 4: Kfb, k4, [kfb] twice, k4, kfb (16 sts).
Rnds 5-7: Knit (3 rnds).
Insert a small pinch of stuffing into the piece.
Rnd 8: [K2tog] 8 times (8 sts).
Break the yarn, leaving a tail of 3 inches (8cm), and draw it tightly through the stitches with a tapestry needle.
Insert the tapestry needle down through the closed-up stitches and draw it out the other end of the piece, pulling tightly to create an indentation. Weave the yarn in and out of the piece to secure, and weave in the tail left when casting on.

You will now work the second leaf of the pair. Turn the piece upside down, and pick up and knit 2 stitches at the cast-on tip.

First rnd (work as I-cord): [Kfb] twice (4 sts).
Now, work the rest the same way as the first leaf, beginning with Rnd 1.

Cast on 3 stitches onto one DPN.
Knit 14 rows of I-cord, then break the yarn and draw it tightly through the stitches with a tapestry needle.


Cross one pair of leaves on top of the other, so that the thin sections in the middle make an X together. Stitch the pieces together in the middle where they overlap.

Stitch the top of the stem to the one side of the leaves at the middle, and stitch it down to lay flat against the leaves.

With the black yarn, embroider eyes onto the middle of the top two leaves with 4 horizontal stitches for each eye spanning one knitted stitch.

Weave in the loose ends.

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  1. Thank you so much… I’ve been waiting for it! They make such wonderful small gifts! Luck to all!

  2. Hi Liliana! It depends on your own speed of knitting, of course, but for me I can make one in under an hour.

    Thank you everyone for the happy comments!

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