Introducing the Barnyarn Bunch!

🎵 Here’s the story of a big red barn⁣⁣
Who was hungry for some animals to munch⁣⁣
But he didn’t really want to eat his buddies⁣⁣
That’s the way they all became the Barnyarn Bunch 🎵⁣⁣
The Barnyarn Bunch pattern collection is now available as a PDF download! Find it in the Mochimochi Shop and also on Ravelry.

In addition to patterns for a tiny pig, tiny cow, tiny horse, and tiny chicken, you get modifications for a tiny donkey and a penny-pinching piggy bank who will help you save up to TWO pennies. (You’re probably feeling richer already just reading about it.)

This is one of the most involved pattern collections I’ve put together, and I’m so excited to have it out in the world! Big thanks to my tech editor, Marilyn Passmore, and to my testers Amanda, Dorien, Rebecca, Lalie, and Linda.

Keep an eye out for more fun Barnyarn animations coming to Instagram and Facebook!