New Classes at Vogue Knitting LIVE NYC

Fun news: I’m teaching two classes at Vogue Knitting Live NYC in January! ⁣

For advanced beginners, there’s Knit a Pocket Narwhal, a project-based class in which you’ll learn some basic toy techniques (while knitting flat or in the round, whichever you prefer) and come away with a fun-size little narwhal to accompany you for the rest of the weekend. ⁣

For intermediate and advanced knitters, I’m offering a Design Your Own Tiny Toy workshop, where you can work with basic shapes to modify and make your own, or come with a more complex design for us to figure out together. (Knit tiny versions of your pets! Your friends! Your favorite cartoon characters!) ⁣

Both classes will be held on Thursday January 16th. ⁣

I don’t teach very often, so I’m psyched! I recommend signing up ASAP! ⁣

One thought on “New Classes at Vogue Knitting LIVE NYC

  1. How fun! Will anyone be filming the Design Your Own Tiny Toy workshop? I’d love to watch on YouTube afterwards since NY is a little for for me on a workday :)

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