Ducks in a row

Spring is here! I thought you might like to knit a duck or two, or fifty. A tiny duck army may be just what some of us need.

Duck-a-Luck is an intermediate-level, almost-seamless pattern that is worked in the round. It uses several fun techniques to keep you on your webbed toes, including picking up and knitting stitches, 3-needle bind-off, and a pinch of mattress stitch. Any yarn will work—you’ll just need small amounts of 2 colors, plus a bit of black for eyes.

For the time being, I’m offering the PDF pattern at the Mochimochi Shop at three price levels: $1, $5, and $10. It’s also available on Ravelry for $5.  

Remember to tag your duck photos with #mochimochiland for us all to see! 

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One thought on “Ducks in a row

  1. I love these ducks so much! I was just talking about this pattern earlier today and hoping it would be released soon. Thank you so much!

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