Mochimochi Land is Here for You!

No one is having a normal time right now. For us, John and I are lucky enough to be able to focus on our kids most of the time and squeeze in a little work when we can while we’re sheltering in place in our Chicago home. So I’ll likely be spending a bit less time on social media (at least, less time on the creation end of things), and orders of physical goods may ship out a bit slower than usual. But my basement is my office/studio/shipping headquarters, so I don’t have to go far to take care of business when needed!

I’ll likely be sharing some classic cute and happy Mochimochi Land animations and patterns and things for a while instead of creating new content. And instead of working all night, I’m planning to read books and watch movies with my “me” time. Self care is paramount right now!

Stay safe, stay kind, and if your job allows it, please stay in right now! Our heart-knitting gnome won’t be taking a break. (You can share him and all my other happy GIFs via my GIPHY page.)

2 thoughts on “Mochimochi Land is Here for You!

  1. Is there any way you could allow me (with credit to you, your site, etc of course), or if you would be willing to share (sorry, not sure how to do this) to have the tiny heart pattern to make the tiny hearts for nurses/doctors, and/or patients and patient families (matching sets) who cannot be by one another’s side during this time of crisis of coronavirus? Let me know…?

  2. Hi Krista! Sorry for my slow reply. You’re very welcome to use my pattern to make hearts for people who could use a lift or some connection. I urge you to check with a hospital or other facility before making a donation of them, though. They must be overwhelmed right now, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to burden them with a new, “non-essential” project. Making hearts for people in your own life might be a wonderful thing! We could all use some happy mail right now I think. ❤️

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