Make your tiny gnome a tiny mask!

Mask up your tiny gnome today!

Tiny gnome (in this book, included in this pattern collection download, and available as a kit, clothed or gnaked)
Small bit of felt
A couple feet of fingering-weight yarn

Small tapestry needle or large sewing needle

Step 1
Cut a little rectangle of felt, wide enough to span the top of your gnome’s beard and long enough to cover all but the tip of the beard.

Step 2
Cut two pieces of yarn, each about 8” (20cm) long.

Step 3
Thread one piece of yarn onto the needle and insert it into one corner of the front of the felt. (The “front” is whichever side you decide it to be.) On the back of the felt, insert the needle through the surface along the long side, not fully poking through to the front of the felt. Then bring the needle back up through to the front of the felt in the other corner on the long side.

Repeat with the other piece of yarn on the other long side of the felt.

Back view:

Front view:

Step 4
Place the mask onto your gnome, and wrap the yarn ties around his or her head. Holding two pieces of yarn together on each side, tie the two sides together in a square knot (right over left, then left over right). Tie your knot pretty tight against the gnome, so the mask will be nice and snug.

Step 5
Adjust the mask placement, and trim the ends of the ties short.

Now you may take your gnome out in public!