Grass En Français

A landmark event just occurred in Mochimochi Land: a pattern has been translated into another language!

Christhalinette, a knitter in France, was inspired to make the pattern for Grass accessible to non-English-speaking French knitters. So she published a full translation on her blog!


The idea of translating my patterns into other languages actually hadn’t occurred to me much, but I love the thought of that many more people being able to make Grass. My three or so years of French in high school didn’t prepare me for reading knitting patterns in French, but I’m sure Christhalinette did a great job. Thank you Christhalinette!

I don’t know what it is about this particular pattern, but so far it has been altered for knitting in the round (unfortunately the blogger who did this shut down his blog, so if anyone wants to try again, please do!), modified for crochet, and translated into French. I can’t wait to see what’s next for it!

5 thoughts on “Grass En Français

  1. Congrats! BTW, do you have any patterns of bees? I’m a beekeeper and think knitting up a few girls would be fun.

  2. Hi Laura Sue – I don’t have a pattern for bees, but I do think they’re very cute! Maybe someday.

    Marion – that would be awesome, if you were so inclined!

    And thank you, Bejeweled, for your nice comment.

  3. Yay for bees! the other day, I saw a Huge fuzzy-looking bee in near the jasmine flowers on my fence. I freaked. :)

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