Stack Those Cats!

I was lucky enough to have three fabulous testers help out with the Stackable Cats pattern, two of whom have shared their results with me!

Kounting Sheep made a darling trio of musically-inclined cats…


… stacked just high enough for the littlest one to reach those piano keys!


And Hannah of BitterSweet chose beautiful shades of blue for her “column of kittens.”


Love them!

Thank you to you both, and also to Marti for your help with the pattern!

6 thoughts on “Stack Those Cats!

  1. Thanks for letting me test-knit! This was such a great pattern, Anna! And I have to say that I love Hannah’s blue kitties! I had wanted to make a set in blues/purples, so I think I will now that I know how cute they look!

  2. I hate to whine, but can we have stackable cats for crochet as well?

  3. Diane, if I had mastered crochet, I would really try for you! As it is, I still have a ways to go.. But I highly recommend taking up knitting!

  4. Oooooh!!! I thought I loved the pinkies the best (my daughter’s fave color) until I scrolled down and saw those BOOOOOOOOtiful BLUES!!! Just loverly.

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